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Let’s connect

Hello! As you may have noticed, my blog is gathering dust, as I’m currently focusing my energy on improving my drawing skills. Come on over and connect with me on instagram (@amanda.mckittrick), I’d love to see you there! xo


Zippered pouches

What have I been up to lately? Studying, and sewing! More study than sewing, as I’m at the complicated end of my design course now, and it’s eating up all my time. Never one to shy away from distraction and procrastination though, I’ve whipped up some new zippered pouches. I decided to make some for sale after making one for myself and realising how handy it is to contain all those small bits and pieces that usually go astray.

They’re made from 100% cotton & canvas, with a nice shiny metal zipper and a leather zip-pull. The fabric choice is inspired by the colours I soaked up on a couple of little holidays to alpine regions recently (before snow arrived to cover it all up) – greens, blues, browns and greys, I’m loving these muted tones at the moment. I plan to dig into my fabric stash and bring back some more lively prints soon…more to come!


Stitched Safari – Shiba hybrid

A dear dog-sitting friend of mine recently fell in love with one of her canine guests – a very pretty unconfirmed breed, perhaps a greyhound crossed with a blue cattle-dog. So for my first Stitched Safari project, I decided to adapt the Shiba dog pattern to resemble her furry friend.

I didn’t give much thought to body shape, instead focussing on the colouring. As a result, this little pup looks nothing like her canine companion, but pretty cute regardless. I really enjoyed bringing the character to life, piece by piece…though I’ll be sticking to the instructions next time!