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talkin’ textiles

The Powerhouse Museum isn’t just a collection of big boy’s toys and technology, it’s also a veritable treasure trove for crafters. When the heavens finally cleared last weekend,  I joined fellow craft devotees in hearing a highly interesting talk by the museum’s textiles curator Christina Sumner. She highlighted key pieces in the museum’s textile collection, and covered aspects of tradition – cultural differences and design, structure and decoration, childhood and the foundations for a life long love of craft, and craft in the household.

 Put simply, the Museum’s textile collection is huge! It is recognised worldwide as being one of the best of its kind. It really is a great source of inspiration, and if you don’t have time to journey to the city, the collection is easily accessible via their website. I was secretly hoping that we may be given access to tour the museum’s stored collection in the “textiles bunker”, alas I’ll have to wait until Sydney Design in August, when there may be one organised (watch this space).

The museum is currently featuring quite a few craft themes, although they are being somewhat overshadowed by the current ABBA exhibition. The great Turbine Hall is presently set up for Craft Punk workshops, where people can come and have a go at making “diabolical doilies”, recycled jewellery, or knit with giant needles (that make my size 20’s seem rather insignificant!).

Check out the needles in the foreground. Certainly couldn’t take these on the bus. One cheeky sports-nut thought they resembled the remnants of soccer goal posts that had met an unfortunate end…

What I found the most impressive during my visit, was the work of fashion students – the pic below only shows a snippet of what’s on display, but as you can see, there are some very creative and talented youngsters out there.

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  1. Katia #

    Loving the updates! I’ll have to get down to the Museum.

    May 5, 2011

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