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Sumobot, Dogbot and The Thinker

Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined mastering a crochet stitch, let alone a whole project, until a book called Crobots came along that is. When this book landed on my desk I just knew I had to suggest a Crobots night to the Crafty Kittens. My suggestion was met with oohs, ahhs, and squeals of excitement, and so it began…the making of small, fluffy and stupidly cute crocheted robots.

The only time I’d ever used a crochet hook in the past was to unclog a tube of supa-glue, and that was pretty much the end of both the tube and the hook (and almost my fingers). I’d watched in awe as my fellow crafters casually crocheted up huge nanna blankies, and wondered why the hell I couldn’t get my head around one humble little hook when knitting with two was supposedly more difficult. Janine (aka the Craft Queen) was very patient in teaching me the stitches and managed not to attack me with her hook at my constant  “Janiiine, what’s a DC? Janiiiine, what’s a CH? Janiiine, what’s a TR?”. Crochet language, I discovered on the weekend, is not too dissimilar to the strange mark-up language of editors, so it’s any wonder she’s so good at it. Janine is not known for her tolerance of stupidity, nor is she known for her love of anything cutesy, so it was lucky for me and a great delight to all when she went completely ga-ga over Dogbot, even going to such lengths as to create a collar and chain for this crocheted hound, which now takes pride of place on her sideboard to greet her after a long day of editing.

I’m pretty impressed with my own efforts on Sumobot, despite his wonky mawashi (or g-banger as so eloquently put by one of the kittens) and arms that look a tad flaccid. And The Thinker – well, she’s just as as cute as a button. I’d say to anyone wanting to learn to crochet – try something cutesy and a little bit kooky, the journey will be so much more enjoyable and you’ll learn a whole range of DC’s, CH’s and TR’s in the process.

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