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what I did on my holiday

The crazy countdown is over, the files delivered, and life as we know it has resumed. What better way to freshen up than with a few shows, and some lovely catch-ups with friends!

Every year I visit the Royal Botanic Gardens to check out ‘Flora’ – the Art and Science of the Plant. Beautiful illustrations by members of the Botanical Artists Society of Australia – plants and drawings, what’s not to love? I did a short course in botanical illustration at the gardens, and realised there was so much more to it than simply painting pretty pictures of flowers – to accurately render a flower you need to have the eye of an eagle and the patience of a saint, two things I thought I had, but in reality was sadly lacking. I’ll just have to be content with my half-baked scribbles.

Toy Porn 2 by Nick Stathopoulos is now showing at the NG Art Gallery (my favourite local gallery and restaurant) and despite the name, is G-rated – nothing raunchy about this exhibition, just hyper-real canvases of Astro Boy, Tin-Tin and Batman. Cute!

And what is a weekend without a flamenco show? I took a 3 month hiatus from my dance classes, my poor old flamenco shoes are now gathering dust. So I couldn’t resist a cheap tapas deal with bonus show – front row seats, delicious paella and a frozen daiquiri….perfecto.

Now begins the arduous task of organising paperwork for the tax man…but not before I head to the coast for some desperately needed R&R.

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