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Miss Fitz and The Stereo Kids

If you like catchy pop, you’ll love Miss Fitz and the Stereo Kids. You can find her triple j unearthed profile here –  have a listen to Let Go, it’s rather addictive…

…Imagine you’ve dropped a folk singer in a subterranean club and left her to find her own way home and there you have Miss Fitz & the Stereo Kids.

 With one foot on the dance floor and the other on an effects pedal, Miss Fitz wants you to shut your eyes real tight and go back to a time when pop was gritty and nostalgic, and when tulle was mandatory. Back to that place where all you needed to get home were some banging beats.

 She knows you love synths and stories. She knows you’ll be the last one standing. She knows that dance is the only certainty.

 The Stereo Kids reside in Sydney. Miss Fitz lives in her head...

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  1. Kate Fitz #

    I wuv you.

    October 5, 2011

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