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curtain call

Sometimes craft is all practical and no play, so when the call came in to make some curtains, I ventured into Spotlight with some measurements scrawled onto a piece of paper and proceeded to wander up and down the curtain aisles. Curtain shopping can be somewhat frustrating when faced with the range on offer – longer lengths are difficult to find, especially in appropriate colours and styles. Hours later, a few clumps of hair lighter, and bordering on starvation (note to self: take food supplies next time I visit Spotlight), I was relieved to discover that you can buy curtain fabric off the roll with eyelets already inserted…who knew?! At a third of the price of custom made curtains, this is a much cheaper and easier way of getting the curtains you want – all that’s required is a little time and a lot of patience (a good mood also helps).

I’ve been so focussed on the curtains though, that I’ve neglected to organise myself for tomorrow night’s craft club…best I raid the craft pile and see what I can pull together!

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