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Happy first day of Spring (in Australia)! It’s been a while since visiting my own blog, but I’ve had my head down and tail up with freelance work and various other distractions. I’m pleased to say that I’m now back with renewed energy, and am excited by the possibilities that Spring brings.

This morning was spent pottering in the garden, planting a rosemary cutting in the hope that one will soon be two. Rosemary is my favourite herb and I can’t help but hanker for roast lamb whenever I get a waft of that beautiful aroma. Mmm…laaamb (sorry Mimsy and any other vegos out there).

I’ve managed to start on some new projects recently, the first of which will decorate my couch by the end of this weekend. I unearthed this fabric stuffed into a bag that somehow didn’t make it in to storage after moving house, and it’s now on my mission list to use up existing fabric before buying any more.

Having said that, I was a little naughty this week and bought some denim-ish fabric to make a summer dress. It’s now wrinkled beyond recognition after pre-washing, and I’m having real trouble ironing these out – yes, the iron is switched on, and yes it’s on the hottest setting. I’ve tried all manner of things to no avail, so if you have any wrinkle busting tips I’d love to hear them!

A recently completed project was an OTT birthday gift for a friend. In collaboration with the girls in my Crafty Kittens Club, we produced some ridiculously over-sized blinged-up cushions with larger than life images of her cats printed on them. You need to see these to believe it, so I’ll do a separate post about the cat cushions soon.

I’m currently finishing some drawstring bags (another project for making use of the fabric stash), and it feels as if now is the perfect time to get those lovely florals out! These will make an appearance in my store in the next coming weeks, along with some other bits and pieces, all going well.

This absolutely divine baby aplaca and mulberry silk (!) yarn was given to me as a birthday present recently, and although Summer is coming I can’t wait to get started on some knitting, which in all reality probably won’t be finished until next Winter anyway. I’m a bit of an impatient knitter, favouring chunky wool and huge needles to achieve quick and easy results, but this yarn deserves so much better, and I’m determined to find a pattern that isn’t too daunting for the novice knitter. Any ideas?

Lastly, given that this blog was started with the idea of documenting the progress of working on my book over a year ago, I should mention that an advance copy arrived in the post this week. Come November they’ll be on the shelves, just in time for stuffing those Christmas stockings.

More about all of these projects soon!

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