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Purrfect pillows

When a creative and highly skilled friend who has it all turns 50, organising a crafty gift can be somewhat fraught with feelings of inadequacy. My craft club decided that we needed to make something personal and unique to celebrate this milestone, so we set about incorporating her cats into a cute little project. What started out as a cute and little in our minds, materialised into a rather large project…in every sense!

Step one in the process of making some kooky cat cushions was to surreptitiously snap a couple of pics on my iphone one night, under the guise of pure cat adulation. This was easily done in the usual haze of our craft club giggle and wine induced delirium.

Pretty little Gary (left) slinks about the house making every scene instagrammable (see below), and beloved Carlos (right) aka “The Purring Dead”, has no tail, is undergoing cat chemo, and exists on a diet of lamb chops and love.

See what I mean? She totally works it.

Soon after, we had the shots deep-etched and ready to go. I called the wonderful people at Flash Photobition knowing that they produce quality graphics and displays, and a few days later our cats arrived in the mail…larger than life, and much larger than we’d envisaged! The next question: oval, square, or cat shaped?

We decided to keep it simple and go with square cushions, with a tactile wool backing resembling the Burmese coat, and some restrained brown bobble trim.

Before adding the backings, we blinged-up their whiskers with tiny beads and stitched an oval frame.

Up close and personal with Carlos whisker bling.

Progress! They now had sparkly eyes too, and it was time to stitch them up.

Carlos visited Lincraft and made an unlikely friend in the pillow section. He felt quite cosy there, but after getting stuffed with a 50cm cushion it was time to go to his new home.

Craft night was about to start and we raced to stitch the last small section of trim before the birthday girl arrived, alternating stitches with swigs of red wine and leaps across the room to conceal the cushions every time the buzzer rang. For once she was running quite late, which worked very much to our advantage.

Success! Gary and Carlos immortalised forever in the form of two purrfect pillows. The birthday girl loved them and they now stare out with their beady eyes amongst her contemporary art collection.

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