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A very belated “Happy 2013” to you all! New year, new blog theme. The old peachy design wasn’t appealing to me anymore, but thankfully I found a wordpress theme that seemed to fit with the existing content, no rejigging of images required….so here I am, back with a fresh, clean new look. What do you think?

photo 4_NGA_wp

Christmas saw a whirlwind visit to Canberra, a few exhibitions and a whole lot of food. Seeing the Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition on Christmas eve was a highlight, so great to see those Moulin Rouge posters up close, and without crowds or queues. The above image is of James Turrell’s skyspace Within,Without at the NGA…spectacular, and a must-see if you’re ever at the NGA! Unfortunately a couple with some raucous kids barreled in shortly after me, so I couldn’t get great shots that didn’t include prams or the trail of destruction left behind.

Publicity for my book is now firing up in the UK, and I’ve been asked to write some guest blog posts (fun!), so the creative juices are flowing again and I’ve whipped up a few new projects. Yesterday I descended on my designer/stylist friend Mim’s gorgeous warehouse apartment with craft and camera in hand, and over the course of the day we produced some lovely images (if I do say so).

The below image is an outtake from our day – does this map conjure up school memories for you too, or am I showing my age by admitting this? Mims is a bower bird, collecting all manner of curios in her travels, and she effortlessly throws it all together to turn something seemingly ordinary on its own into an object of beauty. I made this little chair cushion from 1950s Scandia fabric, and the piping from aqua bias binding.


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