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McCall’s M6706

Frustrated by the too-short skirt options in stores at the moment, I’ve embarked on a mission to make a few for myself. Call me old fashioned, but I like my skirt to cover my keister.

I was trawling through the pattern books at my local fabric store when I heard a McCalls sale advertised over the loudspeaker, so I pushed all other pattern books aside and selected McCall’s M6706. If you can overlook the garish creation on the pattern packet, skirt ‘D’ is quite a nice design.

mccallsThis skirt was surprisingly quick and easy to whip up, although I did take a bit of a shortcut. The instructions say to baste down each side of the pleats to the indicated marks, but being the instant gratification kind of crafter that I am, I decided to skip this step. Instead I basted across the top of the pleats only and left the pins in place while sewing. This worked well and probably saved at least half an hour, it just meant I had to sew with a bit more caution in case the pleats shifted in the process.

I didn’t make the optional tulle petticoat to wear underneath the skirt – it sits full enough with the pleats, and I’m not a swing dancer or off to a 50’s themed fancy dress party (though at least I have a petticoat pattern now, should I ever need a bit of vintage va-voom).

All in all, the pattern markings are simple enough to transfer and understand. The pleats aren’t difficult to make, just a little time consuming. Time well spent when the result is a classic crisp pleated skirt of modest length.


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