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DIY snow globe

Christmas celebrations wouldn’t be complete without the exchange of Kringle gifts amongst friends. My Crafty Kittens Club made a splendid effort this year on our gifts, and I thought I’d share my snow globe creation with you here. It was such a joy to make, with a few lessons learnt along the way….

Lesson 1: Miniature plastic trees are hard (if not impossible) to find.

Lesson 2: Train model trees are not suited for immersion in water, even after attempted waterproofing using nail polish and suede shoe water guard spray.

Lesson 3: Leaving the jar unsealed for a week was a wise idea. Discovering my creation in a greenish/yellow swamp after a few days away was quite the surprise. It wasn’t really the look I was going for…

Lesson 4: Snow globes look just as good without water. Unfortunately the water removal took place right before the exchange of gifts, so I didn’t have the chance to take a photo of it!


So many cute kittens at my local toy model store…but which one to choose?


Kittens playing with wool…perfect for summing up my Crafty Kittens group.


Let it snow! Snow in a can is underrated, this stuff is magic.


A few rocks plus a hot glue gun, and the scene is set.


3 teaspoons of glycerol and a dash of glitter to create sparkly drifting snow. Glycerol is also good for skin and constipation…who knew?


Ta-da! The snow globe with water, before it turned into a swamp.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Here’s to another year of love and creativity.

Kitty x

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