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Totes Tell-All

fitzytoteWho are you?

I’m Fitzy. Part-time everything: I work full time as an admin assistant/guru girl. On the weekends I produce Saturday Breakfast for 2ser, I run a monthly podcast called ‘The Bedside Table Bookclub’ where me and a more literary girl talk about books and the like, and around that I try and make music for my project Miss Fitz and the Stereo Kids.

Tell us about your tote

I always have a tote with me in addition to my day bag. I don’t like putting food and shoes in handbags….it just seems wrong. This one came from a lovely man at work – he brought it back for me as a gift when he was visiting the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with his wife on holidays. It’s covered in poppies – the national flower of San Fran!!!

What’s in your tote?

My spotty raincoat, cos it folds nice and I’m sure it’s gonna rain! A shoe bag with red suede flats in them as again, don’t want rain ruining them. A breaky banana shake, a raspberry muffin, a curried egg and lettuce sandwich, some camomile tea, my portable digital radio and a jam jar I’m retuning to a lady at work who made me the most delicious home-made rhubarb and strawberry jam!

What does your tote say about you?

That I am always prepared for wet weather and am attempting a health kick that I’m trying to turn into a lifestyle! And that I love jam. (I really do)

Want to tell me about your tote? Send me a photo of your tote with your bits and pieces, and tell me who you are, about your tote, what’s in it, and what it says about you…to

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