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It’s a spring thing

It has been a while between posts, I know….sorry! I hunkered down for the winter – my first winter in a seriously cold city, I survived mostly intact and am now sitting here in warmer spring weather in a t-shirt, gazing at the magnificent Wisteria blooms outside my window. The seasons have changed here in Australia, in a most dramatic fashion, an explosion of scent and colour, as evidenced in the below photos from my garden. I have been focusing on my graphic design studies (you’re never too old to learn new tricks, as they say), and I came to the realisation today that I have been neglecting my blog and my few but loyal readers. A warm welcome to all new visitors, especially to those of you from Germany as my book recently graced your shelves. I was thrilled to get my mitts on a copy, so great to see my words and projects translated.

With the new season comes new ideas, craft projects on the boil and ideas simmering away. In a spring clean of my craft cupboards, I unearthed some unfinished projects and craft supplies that had been tucked away in boxes, in storage between houses and cities. Discovering these old gems gave me a spring in my step, my only dilemma now is which to start first. But first I’ll share some of the purple and pink delights from my garden…enjoy!

©amandamckittrick_IMG_8947The Wisteria outside my window. It’s huge, very fragrant, and alive with bees.

©amandamckittrick_IMG_8977The Lavender I chopped back in autumn has sprung back to life, I’m so glad I didn’t kill it!

©amandamckittrick_IMG_8996Very young apple tree in bloom, it survived the frosts…so pleased!

©amandamckittrick_IMG_8971A purple themed rockery in my front yard.

©amandamckittrick_IMG_9024A bunch of borage from a neighbours garden. We have the most wonderful and kind neighbours that share chit-chats and plants cuttings over back fences. I look forward to the day when my vegetable garden produces enough for me to give in return.

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  1. Janine Flew #

    Hello Kitty! Congrats on your translation into German. It always fascinates me to see what covers are chosen for foreign editions, and how they differ from ours. I remember form my days in trade books that French covers, especially, were bafflingly different and would never have sold here!
    Keep enjoying that spring weather and your lovely plants!

    October 7, 2014
  2. Thanks JF! A really nice design for the cover I thought!
    Loving the spring, it’s amazing how quickly the garden has changed. Look forward to seeing you soon. x

    October 7, 2014

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