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The Sock Knitter

My crafty comrades convinced me to try sock knitting, and with the exception of one nasty mishap, it’s progressing well….slowly, but it’s starting to resemble something wearable. It recently hotfooted its way up to Sydney and back, a quick visit to Doctor Sock (a very skilled crafty friend), who kindly repaired the damage created by a dropped stitch. I tried my best to fix it myself, but my novice ability in the knitting realm left me in a tizz, and either it was to be stashed away and never touched again, or I swallowed my pride and cried for help. I’m relieved that it was an easy fix, and I’ll start knitting away on it tomorrow, on my next long haul trip interstate for work.


The pattern is from a 1940’s  “Guide to Knitting for Active Service (Navy)” – the perfect sock pattern for my nautical beau. The heel-less spiral pattern means I don’t have to worry about any fancy extra bits and joins, and if I keep up this cracking pace I may well have a pair by next winter!

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