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Apple Isle

Tasmania, the sunny south, the apple isle. So much beauty in Tasmania! I admired the work of Lucia Usmiani on my recent break, in the bar of the divine Henry Jones Art Hotel (we didn’t stay there though unfortunately, hopefully next time). ‘Liberty’, 2013 – made with spent matchsticks. Hard to see the detail in my rough iphone snapshot, but so great…I’d love this on my wall!


And sunsets by the sea, warm light before crisp nights.




Australian Art: A History

When I’m not writing books, making cushions and baking (this is new to me but happy to be thought of as someone that bakes), I’m a picture researcher and coordinator of images. I’m always hunting for the perfect image to illustrate a story, and organising photos, artworks and illustrations for publications.

Many months of picture wrangling recently came together as Australian Art: A History, by Sasha Grishin. This beautiful gem of a book was released on the same day as mine, happiness doubled when I received both books and saw the results of my efforts.


Sasha Grishin’s knowledge of Australian art is extensive, and it was a privilege to work with him on his book. It’s hard for me to choose favourite works from this book after looking at them in such detail, I love them all. This is one book I’ll be treasuring for years to come!




Artisans in the Gardens – Meredith Woolnough

Every year the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney showcases the works of some very talented arts and craft folk, and a few weeks ago I spent a lazy sunny Sunday exploring the gems on display. There are always a few standouts, and one of my absolute favourites this year was the incredible sculpted embroidery of Meredith Woolnough.

Each piece is intricately embroidered and sculpted to seemingly float in their frames. Her designs are inspired by nature and the delicate frameworks of leaf skeletons and coral, filigree and lace patterns. I could have spent hours gazing at her works if it wasn’t for the crowds jostling for space in the tiny rooms at the Lion’s Gate Lodge.

Check out Meredith’s website and blog to see more of her stunning embroidery.