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vintage fabric + cushions

UK based Homemaker Mag published my guest post in two parts, the second is a guide to making cushions from vintage fabrics. Here’s a snippet, but you can check out the full post over here if you’d like to read more…


…Cushions need not only be used indoors, they can also transform an outdoor space and keep you comfortable as you potter in the garden or relax with a cup of tea. Make a cushion to suit the size and shape of your outdoor furniture. If you plan on leaving the cushion outdoors, make it from waterproof fabric such as oilcloth or canvas, or treat it with a waterproofing solution. Also consider your surroundings – do you live by the ocean, are you surrounded by garden, or are you an inner-city dweller? Choose fabrics to compliment not only your environment but also your individual style…


Making Monday

No points for styling either of these images, but I thought I’d post a little update about my day of craft.

Firstly, a new frock pattern that is not only easy to make (no zip!) but is also flattering with a belt to cinch in the waist – reason to celebrate…can you hear the champagne corks popping? This pattern was made by a talented friend to my measurements, and after threatening to make it for at least 6 months, I finally put aside the time today to complete the toile. I realise that the photo below looks anything but flattering, but it gives you an idea of the simplicity.

Initially this dress was designed to be a v-neck, but I wasn’t quite happy with the way it was sitting, so I unpicked it all and remade the neckline with a gentler curve, and it looks so much better. I also removed the neckline facings and added a much simpler and cleaner looking bias binding along the edges. When I make this in the fabric of choice (hopefully before the weather heats up too much!) I’ll take one more centimeter off the armholes, and hem the bottom edge (of course).

One toile down, and four cushions (photos to come). I spotted the fabric below last weekend and had to buy some. I have an odd fascination with teapots, and the one sitting on the fabric is my favourite – it’s on permanent display in my kitchen, despite the fact that I brew my tea from a bag every morning. I’ll be adding the cushions to my store this week. The last batch of bags I made were snapped up immediately, so it’s time to add some new goodies.

needle books

No longer looking for needles in haystacks or painful discoveries underfoot, I’ve stitched up some cute little needle books from fabric scraps and now my needles are safe and easy to find.

I’ll be adding these to my neglected Made It store soon, along with some other bits and pieces I’ve been working on lately.