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Roses are red…

A little bit of floral inspiration to brighten your Wednesday – a video of my sister working her magic.




I’m back at my perch after weeks of wedding preparations and celebrations. A wonderful time with friends and family, on the last day of Autumn (here in Australia).

Apart from printing the invitations, menus and place cards, I quickly stitched up the clutch in the below photo 2 days before the wedding. It had been a while since I made a clutch, but bag making was still very fresh in my mind after finishing my last book, so it took no time at all to make. I didn’t totally go down the DIY path for my wedding – time constraints were a huge factor, but we also wanted it to be classic, elegant and simple, with a focus on pretty flowers. I’m lucky enough to have an amazing sister who just so happens to be a florist. She created beautiful bouquets of roses, nuts, and berries, which our guests happily took home at the end of the night.


Coming up Roses


These fragrant beauties popping up in my garden are a very tangible reminder to to stop and smell the roses occasionally.

Hope you are all enjoying the change in season, wherever you are in the world. It’s Autumn in Australia, leaves are changing colour and the days are beginning and ending with a frosty bite. The days are absolutely superb, blue skies and sunshine. xo