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Goody Two Shoes

January feels like an eternity ago, but I’ve finally wrapped my mitts around the Mollie Makes edition that ran a feature on my shoe clips. I tried to find a printed copy at the time, with zero success…it’s a popular magazine stocked by very few newsagents here in Sydney. So I treated myself to an iPad – not specifically to download this magazine of course, but that’s certainly a plus. Below are screen grabs of the spreads, with their intro text.

recycled chic-shoes1

Reckon your going-out shoes have had one too many outings now that the party season is officially over? No sweat – just switch the look in a jiffy with some handy shoes clips. Create different looks by stitching little embellishments like pom-poms, buttons or a nifty vintage scarf flower.

recycled chic-shoes2

Do you have any favourite mags for the iPad? Do tell!



Publicity for my book in the UK has just about come to an end, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to write a guest post for The Craft Institute’s blog. Pop on over to their blog to check it out…there are plenty of project ideas for reusing fabric.

The photos below are of the sweet summer skirt project from my book. So simple and addictive, you can whip up cute skirts from frumpy old frocks in no time.

Be on the lookout for stunning fabrics and designs – it’s surprising what you can find with this project in mind. A dress without a waistline is ideal, but not essential – think beyond the dress and imagine a sweet skirt. It doesn’t matter if the dress is too big on you, as the excess fabric will be gathered into a waistband. Use any leftover fabric to make a scarf, a fabric flower embellishment or a bow.

05039-MB-dress into skirt before-IMG_6265

05039-MB-dress into skirt final-IMG_2155


© Amanda-McKittrick_IMG_5945Not sure what to do with your scrap fabric? Head over to the lovely Homemaker Mag for my guest post on recycling vintage fabrics around the home.