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Hustle & Scout

Hustle & Scout is a fresh new seasonal fashion market for the fortunate residents of Canberra, featuring a finely selected range of vintage fashion as well as designs from local talent.


Held in the beautifully designed Nishi building, this weekend’s market was abuzz with glamorous models slinking through the crowd, accompanied by indie-folk band Lavers providing tunes to get Christmas shoppers in the mood. With a focus on handmade, unique and sustainable fashion, Hustle and Scout is the perfect market to pick up a one-of-a-kind design.


The next market isn’t until April 2014, but just in time to scout out a treat before the Winter chills arrive. I’ll be there hunting for some new scarves…and maybe a new coat…and maybe I’ll start writing a list…


The Crafty Minx at Home

My does time fly! I’ve emerged triumphant from my self-imposed sunlight-deprived hermit-like craft hiatus, words and pictures are now handed over to my publisher, and I’m off to check out some glaciers (and maybe have a stiff drink while I’m at it, though maybe not at the same time because that could be dangerous).

More about my own book soon, but while I’m on the topic of books, I’ve been meaning to tell you about the The Crafty Minx’s latest tome. I was lucky enough to get my mitts on a copy a couple of months ago, and I’ve been dreaming about which projects I’ll try when I eventually get some more craft time. In The Crafty Minx at Home, Kelly Doust works her way through each room in the house, offering pretty projects, useful decorating advice and tips for recycling vintage items.

crafty-minx-at-homeBeautifully designed and illustrated, this book is brimming with gorgeous projects and ideas. It’s really hard to know where to start when choosing my favourites, but here are a few…

craftyminxathome_1I have a real love for vintage cushions, or vintage fabric used for cushions. Such a great way of adding a unique touch to your living space. Kelly gives some excellent tips on how to tart up old cushions in this project.

craftyminxathome_3This will most likely be the project I attempt first, as there’s nothing more frustrating than a disorganised bathroom. I can already visualise how it’ll look with all my necessities neatly placed in their pockets.

craftyminxathome_5I love Kelly’s ideas here for reusing old tapestries and needlepoint, a perfect way to repurpose these old gems.

Kelly says ‘I was motivated to do this for a variety of reasons: because it’s environmentally friendly and sensible for the planet to save things from landfill; because it’s so much fun to dabble in; and because it’s also seriously satisfying to make or successfully upcycle something yourself. I have found much happiness and joy living my sort of lifestyle, and I hope to share this ethos with others.’

I couldn’t agree more!


Publicity for my book in the UK has just about come to an end, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to write a guest post for The Craft Institute’s blog. Pop on over to their blog to check it out…there are plenty of project ideas for reusing fabric.

The photos below are of the sweet summer skirt project from my book. So simple and addictive, you can whip up cute skirts from frumpy old frocks in no time.

Be on the lookout for stunning fabrics and designs – it’s surprising what you can find with this project in mind. A dress without a waistline is ideal, but not essential – think beyond the dress and imagine a sweet skirt. It doesn’t matter if the dress is too big on you, as the excess fabric will be gathered into a waistband. Use any leftover fabric to make a scarf, a fabric flower embellishment or a bow.

05039-MB-dress into skirt before-IMG_6265

05039-MB-dress into skirt final-IMG_2155